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All federal income tax returns were due Wednesday, and a number of retailers and.

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Few would say Tax Day is a day they look forward to, but there is one thing we can look forward to on April 18.Cookies, queso and massages are only a few of the freebies you can enjoy on April 15.Several restaurants and stores are offering free items, promotions and specials to help make Tax Day more bearable.

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Help yourself to a free home-style meal at Boston Market thanks to its Tax Day Special.For some people Tax Day can be dreadful, but to help ease the pain several stores and restaurants are offering free stuff.

When tax day comes April 17, you can get a little relief from the stress of filing your return by taking advantage of freebies and special deals that.Each year on the deadline for filing tax returns, restaurants, stores and retailers try to lessen the sting of all those checks.While Tax Day is a few days later this year than the usual April 15, there are still plenty of Tax Day Deals and Freebies to take advantage of.

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Every year on Tax Day, many businesses offer coupons and deals to ease the pain.Today is Tax Day and now that your wallet is a little lighter thanks to Uncle Sam, you deserve a little bit of a break.

Tax relief arrives annually in the form of April 15 freebies and deals—with special promotions this year for cookies, burgers, hotels, coffee, and shaved ice.CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Few would say Tax Day is a day they look forward to, but there is one thing we can look forward to as April 18 draws nearer.

April 18 is Tax Day this year, which means you can get some freebies, specials and deals at various places.Tax day freebies include free cookies, shaved ice, corn dogs, chips, massages, and more.This year, most of us get three extra days to file our federal income tax.The deadline for filing your tax returns has a silver lining, thanks to a variety of sweet offers from popular retailers.

But Tax Day has also become a day of free food, shoe sweepstakes, travel deals,.

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This special is valid with any individual meal, whole sandwich.When Tax Day rolls around on April 15, you can find relief from the stress of getting your return in on time by taking advantage of a bunch of.

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Liven up your Tax Day with these sales, specials and freebies that.Tax Day is Monday, April 18, this year,. there are some deals and freebies on Monday that serve as a reward for you getting them done.

Tax Day freebies and dining deals: Free beer, drinks

Nobody likes writing a big check to Uncle Sam but there is some good news: Tax Day also means free stuff, promotions.

Tax Day, which is April 18 this year, can be stressful for some people and there are several businesses locally and across the nation that are offering deals or.Tax Day has been pushed to April 18, and many area businesses are offering free food and services to mark its arrival.As Tax Day nears, restaurants and other businesses are offering special rebates of sorts to taxpayers in the form of free food and services.

Deals range from discounted drinks and meals to free paper shredding to a great way to eliminate the.

Tax Day Freebies And Deals 2016 |

The most comprehensive list of Tax Day freebies and deals in the country.Reward yourself by taking advantage of freebies and special deals that some companies are offering that day.

A confirmation email has been sent to the address provided during registration.A killer combo of tequila, orange liqueur and brandy, the Presidente Margarita is a great way to celebrate the joy of finally finishing your taxes.The offer actually ends on Sunday, April 17—the day before Tax Day—so act fast.

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