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Would these need to be individuals with articles here on Wikipedia listing their occupations as philosopher.This looks like original research to me but not sure if qualifies.The question here is if the two sources above are reliable sources for the claim that Leary is a philospher, and since not one single person has argued that they are not, the conclusion must reasonably be that they are.

Issues with original research have been raised in discussion.This is easily checked from the sources, using the times and the descriptions.I am not sure what to think of some videos being placed all over by the Simpleshow foundation.The material in both the Pinto and Ford History article was supported by peer reviewed sources.May I ask again, do you have even one source that actually supports you without you having to put your own spin on it.There are probably also many factual errors. -- Curiousdannii ( talk ) 11:57, 10 July 2016 (UTC).I have a FT job as an academic in an area that has nothing to do with this.Randy Kryn supported it, but those that was involved in the conflict ignored it.

If you want to make changes to the article, feel free to do so, but only if you have sources backing your claims.On the basis of the two meetings, the safety officials deduced that Ford was willing to recall the Pinto and that it wanted to do so before a public hearing could generate additional damaging publicity.

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As far as I am concerned, I hereby rest my case and let other members and administrators express their opinions.Comments from colleagues with expertise in identifying original research are respectfully requested. Thank you.In fact, the actual 2016 Forbes list of the highest paid actresses in the world does not include Chopra.

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Remember that the core policies work in concert with each other.But the thing which you fail to catch here, dear DevilWearsBrioni, is that according to Pitouli-Kitsou, the Greek government made efforts to NEGOTIATE with the Cham community, not make outright any wars with them.Hampton Inn Suites Atlanta Duluth Gwinnett County: Woods Lake Resort #[ Hampton Inn Suites Atlanta Duluth Gwinnett County ]# Save up to 50% on your reservation! Book...Otherwise I can not explain your theories about other muslims from other parts of the world coming to Thesprotia.Leary explored the cultural and philosophical implications of psychedelic drugs.No, the comparison is perfectly accurate, whether you like it or not.However, many of the Muslim Chams had already formed irregular armed units and were burning Greek inhabited settlements in the area of Paramythia.So on top of WP:SYN issues, there are also NPOV elements to presenting this information in such a fashion.

At the meantime, you should seek for advices from more knowledgeable editors on this noticeboard.The war took the form of brutal guerrilla fighting, waged primarily by local civilians who were armed by the Greek and Ottoman governments.The importance of this latter piece is very considerable, for the details of the costume, often shown on Incised-Sgraffito figures, are very clear, and make it certain that the fustanella exists as an independent garment and is not an elaboration of the lower part of a tunic.Were it not for the fact that his philosophy included taking LSD, he compiled a publication record that might have earned him tenure in the philosophy department almost anywhere in the country.

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Msnicki, I again suggest that if you want the article to state that Leary was a philosopher, you should use the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences rather than any other source.To be perfectly clear about it, the issue is not whether Leary was a philosopher, but whether the article should describe him as one.

If you work for an organization that produces videos, then creating an account specifically to insert those videos into articles is pretty textbook WP:COI and is not dependent on the subject of the article.Do you recall if Socrates was ever employed as a philosopher.The reasons given by the NHTSA itself behind its finding of defect.Atrocities were widespread and no prisoners were taken from either side.

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You think the article should, if not actually say that, at least present the two versions and let the reader decide.In my opinion, the second version wanders into OR by implying that Stein is misrepresenting her own platform or has revised it rather than merely clarifying it.

When candidates propose vague and contradictory policies, and later modify them while retaining some ambiguity, we should note both.Such descriptions are not sufficiently noteworthy to be included in the article.If the narrative is to justify the treatment of Muslim Chams by the Greek army, then I can understand why it would make sense to highlight that Muslim Chams burned villages while simultaneously ignoring the fact that the Greek army engaged in similar activities.

However, as per WP:CK, if an edit based on some bit of common knowledge is challenged a reliable published source must be cited to support that bit of knowledge.Similarly, Huxley was not writing about philosophy, whether the philosophy of religion or philosophy of mysticism, as Russell would have understood the term philosophy.The two articles have almost the same size sections dealing with the aftermath, if you can believe that.Article by Oregon Public Broadcasting and Full synched vid posted by OPB to YouTube.Finest leathers and 100% recycled paper, all made in Northampton, England.If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page.Phrases such as refers to, is the name of, describes the, or is a term for are sometimes used inappropriately in the introduction to a Wikipedia article.

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