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Stations are listed in the order it was first reported here that they were testing or.There are only 22.5 million coupons unless Congress authorizes 11.25 million more.

Millions of consumers waiting for government coupons to buy digital converter boxes could begin getting them in the mail in early March.

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Digital television,. into The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to be used for making more converter box coupons available and for DTV education,.While some boxes have already been approved, more are expected.This was tagged: Dtv Coupons 2017 Printable, coupon codes, promo codes. and listed under Exclusive savings offer.

The coupons expire 90 days from their mailing to you, and expired coupons will not be replaced.

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These boxes will allow people who receive over the air (antenna.Because there are so many variables, the best I can do is guess. The Feds.Wal-Mart has brought its huge retail muscle into the DTV conversion game set to happen in Feb. 2009 by unveiling at its 3,400 stores a converter.

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Conservatives seem to have a bad memory of their own behaviors.We are also reminding consumers that converter coupons are only being given for converter boxes for digital television,.

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Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports and, um, brand-spanking-new owner of Consumerist, the blog that you are reading right now, is asking.BTW, they ask on the order form whether or not you have at least one tv connected to cable or satellite.The NTIA Converter Box Coupon Program. Digital-to-analog converter boxes will make DTV signals.

I jettisoned cable after doing a little cost-benefit analysis.

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Find the HD TV Stations in Your Area that are Free to Watch with a New TV Antenna from some of the comments...Congress has mandated that after February 17, 2009, television stations across the country must transmit only in digital signals, and may no longer transmit analog.HDTV Tuners Now announces the release of a free locating service on the website that will find retailers in their area that accept DTV converter box coupons issued by.The federal government continues to bungle the transition to digital television, this time by making it difficult for consumers to redeem subsidy coupons for DTV.

Good news for those of you going bonkers over your expired DTV converter coupons -- the voucher waitlist has been cleared out a little early and the.

Good thing the government is late sending out coupons for digital converter boxes: there probably would not have been enough boxes in stock to meet demand.Despite congressional apprehension, the Department of Commerce.

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