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Troubles with Spyder CCFL Projectors and HID - DODGE RAM

Thanks in advance. i have vvme cuz i read they were better,.

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The plug and play kits from vvme are very simple to use and they last forever.Thanks, what does it involve to switch them out with HID bulbs.

Installed Halo Fog/Head lights! - Mustang Evolution

What is the best option for converting my headlights to

With your raxioms you will need the low bulb set up (H7) like Rice Eater pointed out.

Video of Touring LED headlights vs 4G TL Retrofit - Page 2

HID Vision Canada - 9006. Amazon.com: VVME 50W LED Headlight Conversion Kit HID Upgrade.Are these new headlights still bi-xenon or do you have separate high and low bulbs.He is already that guy, even though he failed to read that the OP has projectors he is staunchly against people upgrading to HID because it blinds him.

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You will love them at night, guarantee you will not stop looking back at them when you get outta the car the first four times.I was trying to fix the cheap HID kits I bought for 4 months until I found these websites.Greensboro - High Point, NC McAllen - Edinburg - Mission, TX New Haven-Milford, CT St.I agree, 35w is more than enough.the buttons you select on that page will show 35w or 55w for the signature or power series.55w is super bright.

Louis, MO-IL Grand Rapids - Wyoming, MI.Wonder if I could make my own.I bet the paint match would be a huge pain.

A customer review says you can install HID in them, you just need the ballasts like you said.Troubles with Spyder CCFL Projectors and HID Custom Dodge Ram. i have vvme 35w kits installed.Thanks again and apologies for being ignorant on the whole thing.All you guys are incredible for all the information and recommendations you are giving.

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