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To become a part of history, at least in Tomball, you have to eat the Mega Mel Burger following these posted rules.You can order a Squealer medium-well or even well-done and still get a juicy burger.These Riverside Terrace Mansions Have Never Been Open to the Public—Until Now.The two restaurants have the same owners, and BRC grinds the burger meat for both.The poster captures the moment when Jabba the Hutt tried to feed the enslaved Princess Leia to the slobbering Rancor monster.While burgers and beer are a natural pairing, now and then you run across a burger that cries out for a glass of red wine.

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Patty: Two spicy four-ounce, seasoned with garlic and peppers.Plonk buys theirs from the famous Niman Ranch in Northern California.The garlic aioli and onion-bacon jam complement the rest of the sandwich nicely, but we have a problem with the gastrique reduction.We will stop you from eating if at any time we feel you are about to get sick.

The Akaushi French Connection blew away all competition in the crowded French burger category—including the burgers served at several high-end French restaurants.And of these one and all I weave the song of myself. 16 I am of old and young,.The Southwest chipotle poblano burger, a new creation, features a house-ground burger patty with a smoky chipotle tang, cooked perfectly to medium-rare, then topped with half a roasted poblano chile and mozzarella, along with the traditional lettuce and tomato.Featuring best lunch deals from Broadway Pizza, Salt n Pepper Village,.

The frozen ground meat patties on this burger are unworthy of your attention, but the chili is amazing.

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Either would be equally at home in California wine country or a Vermont inn.The most important thing to remember is that the Mega Mel Burger is a fun event.

Egg yolk, mayo, and meat juice start dripping from this sandwich the second you pick it up.The corned beef on top of the hamburger patty is made in-house by third-generation New York deli man Ziggy Gruber.The price of the most expensive burger on our list is understandable, considering the large hunk of foie gras on top of the Akaushi patty.

I assume the name refers to the appetite of the monster and the stunning proportions of the oversized Rancor burger.

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The patty, made from ground meat blended with breadcrumbs, onions, and seasonings, tastes like a flat meatball.

An authentic hamburguesa estilo Monterrey calls for a meat patty served on a roll with avocado, ham, lettuce, and tomato on top.

The old-fashioned burgers that have long dominated our top picks are still there.Bismillah Restaurant, which sits on the south side of Hot Breads Bakery in the Hillcroft Shopping Center, is a popular destination for fish curries and other delights.The menu is scrawled on a blackboard above the beer taps in this dive pub located in a former filling station in the Oak Forest area.

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By switching to American cheese singles and borrowing the In-N-Out format, Underbelly has created an upscale Wagyu version of the California classic.The Squealer is a vast improvement over your regular bacon burger because the bacon grease is captured inside the patty.Applewood-smoked bacon, carmelized onions, chipotle aioli, and fried egg.

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