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I have a GSSF Pistol Purchase Coupon burning a hole in my pocket.

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GSSF, CRPA,WSRPA G26,. glockstore reviews, review, reviews, the glock store reviews.Big GSSF matches a year usually with a G17 and G21 but wanted to add a third division.It is very sensitive to pull the trigger straight to the rear which is difficult with the small frame, even with my small to normal sized hands.I got mine the day after it was released using my annual GSSF blue label coupon.

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I also have a G19 and find that in most cases I can conceal it just as well unless I am wearing shorts here in sunny Miami.

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Be law enforcement, sponsored by an existing dealer, be a Glock dealer, or a GSSF member.

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AmeriGlo Discount Code for GlockTalk Members. when buying AmeriGlo products direct from AmeriGlo, without being a member of GSSF. this great coupon to.However I still shoot GSSF and since I sold my open Glocks Im looking to build a G17 upper.While it is nice to carry, it sucks at the range since you are reloading every few seconds with only 6-round mags.

We both love it, although I might take the Dremel to the trigger face and remove the serrations.My hands are large so it helps quite bit and she prefers it to my newer unmodified 43.They are fairly cheap and cheaper if you use the coupon code gssf on the.The OC triggers are very, very nice and a deal at the low price.

Originally posted by dehughes: I too am curious about the finish change.

Apparently the Gen 5 G17/19 are available for preorder

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Overall it is a good little gun, I may carry it some but probably will not replace my XDS 9mm that I shoot well and carry often.Big List of 250 of the Top Websites Like ameriglo, works. 1911, michigan, idpa, ipsc, warren, bruce, icore, spacegun, gssf.

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I am shooting it Sunday in an indoor Glock match at 5,7,10 and 15 yards, hoping I do well.

They offered to replace the slide or the entire gun for the corrosion issue.I also undercut the trigger guard before it was appropriated by my wife.GLOCK Professional Inc. provides professional training to law enforcement, military, licensed security and other personnel who desire to. reviews - Glock Forum

Need Glock night sight advice. TFOs and ameriglo operator pro. yada but purchased my sights last week for 28% off list from their website with a coupon code.

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The Sticky brand holster (cheap, on eBay or Amazon or anywhere) are really comfortable with either the 43 or the 19.Trigger pull is lighter, smoother and feels better on my finger too.AmeriGlo Independent Light discount:25% off total purchase.25% off total purchase.Save discount.

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I think they go for like a hundred bucks but if you use GSSF as a coupon code.

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I like the Ameriglo Pro Operators, if you buy em off their sight use coupon code GSSF and get a 15% discount.

Polished the trigger bar and took the opportunity to sand the trigger guard inside and out to give a fraction more clearance.Opinions About Pistol Sights discussion on the TexAgs Outdoors forum.As the title indicates, I finally joined the ranks of the Glock mafia.

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Followers 3. If you buy direct from ameriglo use coupon code gssf.I thought they were making one for the 43, been a while since looked.Incorporating some 10,000 stores and over 150,000 coupon codes,. go to dead on at 7 yards which is all I ask of a pocket pistol.

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I did put in the Galloway spring kit and swapped the ridged trigger for a smooth one.This year contestants used brand new Gen4 GLOCK Model 35s in.40 caliber with Ameriglo.

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The best guns and archery brands at the best price and most professional service.My Gen 4 has seen a lot of use and still looks excellent.hard to see how the finish could.

They now come with the trigger safety even with the front of the trigger instead of feeling like you are putting your finger across a dull knife blade.

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For most of you - the GSSF membership will be the path of least resistance.Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more.I carried my other 43 longer without any issues, it was made in Austria.freedom industries llc is a privately owned, federally licensed, class 1 and sot class 3 firearms sales and acquisition company. we specialize in firearms of all...

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